First Grade Readiness Workshop

The observation is now widespread in Waldorf schools that First Grade children are not the same as they were 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. Class teachers cycling back to First Grade are surprised to find children who do not fit their expectations and to which the Waldorf curriculum and classroom setting no longer seem to apply. Schools and individual teachers are adapting to this situation without a guiding imagination to engage with this phenomenon.

Dr. Carmen Hering will present the anthroposophical picture of the activities of the etheric body and its work in shaping the physical organism during the first 7 years of a child’s life. Understanding this essential engagement of the etheric body with the physical body will help us to recognize expressions of an etheric body that is not yet “free” for learning.

Workshop groups will allow participants to deepen their understanding of the work of the etheric body, how it can be supported in its work and to explore ways to adapt and adjust the classroom and curriculum. This event is intended to be a collaboration between professionals approaching the phenomenon of child development in our time and culture. Sharing experience and resources to understand the developmental changes, we are seeing and searching for new ideas and confidence to meet the modern child.

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