A Renewal of Modern Medicine

Anthroposophic Medicine is a study of the evolution of human wisdom as it relates to illness and healing, bringing the wisdom streams of ancient medicine and modern science together.  Fundamental concepts about the human being from ancient healing traditions are carefully considered and studied, renewed with modern scientific thinking.
Anthroposophic physicians are fully licensed medical doctors who prescribe herbal and homeopathic preparations in addition to modern medical treatment when needed (for more information see anthroposophicmedicine.org).  Because physiologic processes in the body are often mirrored in nature, we use plant, mineral, and animal remedies in order to reestablish healthy balance.  We may also prescribe movement, artistic therapies, diet and lifestyle changes as part of a whole-patient approach.

Anthroposophic Training

Anthroposophic medicine is a comprehensive integrative approach, practiced by fully trained physicians in hospitals and outpatient practices around the world.

In order to become certified to practice anthroposophic medicine, one must be a fully licensed physician, complete a five year study in the International Physician Medical Training Program (IPMT) or its equivalent, complete two years of mentoring with a certified anthroposophic physician, and pass an oral board examination based on presentation of clinical cases.

At the core of anthroposophic medicine is a contemplative method by which living systems and the forces which create them are observed and studied.  Using a methodology which expands on the conventional scientific method, natural phenomena in health and illness are researched in order to form living pictures of these dynamic processes at work.  This study requires- besides the ongoing professional, personal, and moral development required of every true physician- an active meditative life (for more information go to anthroposophicmedicine.org).

Anthroposophic Therapies

While anthroposophic medicines are the primary therapy employed by the physician, other therapies include Therapeutic Eurythmy, a movement therapy designed to stimulate healing processes, and the various Anthroposophic Art Therapies, which include painting, drawing, sculpture, and speech formation (for more information, click on Therapeutic EurythmyArt Therapies or Therapeutic Speech)

Anthroposophic Art Therapies and Eurythmy Therapy activate and support the human being’s creative potential for inner growth and self-regulation.  They help the human being bring into equilibrium the manifestations of illness and find a new orientation in life.  Through the application of artistic non-verbal media and processes, sustainable therapeutic effects on physiologic, emotional, and mental aspects of health can be achieved.  This approach can be taken up by people of all ages.