The importance of having a Primary Care Provider or PCP cannot be overemphasized.  While Dr. Hering treats a wide spectrum of acute and chronic illnesses in children and adults, she is trained as a specialist in osteopathic and anthroposophic medicine and does not offer the full scope of primary care services.  Dr. Hering frequently communicates with other physicians, dentists and healthcare providers to coordinate a comprehensive treatment plan as a team; however, there are many reasons why you still need a Primary Care Provider.  Some examples of when you would need to contact your PCP include:

  • urgent care needs, traumatic injuries, and hospital admissions
  • after-hours and on-call physician access
  • routine examinations and procedures such as annual physical exams, gynecological exams, and immunizations
  • in-network referrals to specialists or orders for studies that are covered in-network
  • refills on prescriptions managed by your PCP