<!– Adult treatment 1 –>The initial visit includes a detailed history and physical exam, with time for real conversation.  Physical exam and osteopathic treatment are often fluidly combined, with the physician using gentle touch to evaluate tissue function and structural dynamics.  The feet, pelvis, spine, ribcage and head may be held during a typical treatment.  Anthroposophic remedies and lifestyle modifications may also be prescribed.

For children, time is spent in conversation with the parent or caregiver while the child adjusts to the surroundings, whether still or in motion, exploring the various books and toys.  During this valuable time, the child is gently observed and a therapeutic relationship already begins.  Once it is time for examination and treatment, the infant or child usually comes to the treatment table and, if needed, may be engaged with toys, stories, or conversation.  Accommodations are made if the child is more comfortable on the floor, in the lap, or during breast feeding.

Following treatment, patients may feel relaxed, or may feel sensations moving around the body.  There may be a temporary feeling of discomfort as the body readjusts.  As symptoms clear, patients feel a sense of improved health and overall well being.