The goal of osteopathic and anthroposophic medicine is to stimulate and support the patient’s own powers of self-healing.  By supporting patients to overcome illness though their own resources whenever possible and prudent, the physician helps strengthen the health and autonomy of the individual.

This approach to healthcare requires active participation by you, the patient.  Many of the prescriptions and recommendations made here include modifications to daily habits that interfere with our expression of health.  Osteopathic treatment and anthroposophic remedies and therapies help align us with our health, but it is ultimately changes in our actions and behaviors that will transform our lives and our illness.

In today’s fast-paced, convenience driven lifestyle, it takes tremendous courage and commitment to shift our orientation toward wholeness.  Relative to this fast pace and our expectations for instantaneous results, true healing may sometimes feel slow.  The fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare” applies here.  Are we the tortoise or the hare?  If we hold true to our course with steadiness and perseverance, we will ultimately achieve our goal.  In fact, we often discover that we are already there along the way.